In the future, the hardware and electromechanical business will be further concentrated in the large market

The future development of hardware and electromechanical products business is a common concern in the industry. After visiting and investigating the hardware and electrical machinery and other markets of 300,000 square meters in South China City, Zhengzhou, a reporter from the Hardware Channel of South China City Network learned that due to the particularity of the industry and products, many small markets will be gradually eliminated in the future development. And concentrate on the larger hardware and electrical wholesale market.

This is first determined by its industry attributes. Due to China’s large land area and many large urban agglomerations, it is destined that in or around each big city, there will be one or two large professional markets such as hardware, electromechanical, and auto parts exhibition and trade transactions to meet the surrounding small markets and terminals. consumer needs. In this way, it is convenient for manufacturers to supply and release products in a centralized manner to form a clustering effect and advantage. The traditional hardware and electromechanical small market faces many problems, such as low management level, lack of integrity construction, low level of property hardware construction, lag in supporting services and traffic, and inaccurate market positioning.

At the same time, it is determined by its product attributes. Because most of the hardware and electromechanical products are large in size and heavy in weight, it is not convenient for online shopping flow; at the same time, because their quality performance requires on-site testing and evaluation, it is destined to conduct face-to-face transactions. Moreover, generally, buyers who go to wholesale or retail need to drive a car to check in, otherwise, such products are not easy to carry with them. When purchasing, consumers hope to have multiple dealers, allowing them to compare and choose models, quality and prices. Instead of a single hardware store on the side of the road, or a limited few in a small market. Buyers also hope for convenient transportation, easy parking, and related supporting services, etc. The characteristics and consumer psychology of this product are destined to be more popular with buyers and consumers only in large markets such as hardware and electrical machinery.

On the contrary, hardware stores scattered in cities, or hardware and electromechanical small markets, are not very competitive, and are easily isolated or demolished in urban planning and construction. Because urban planning changes, renovations and upgrades are a matter of time and time, upgrades and remediation are inevitable. Throughout the country, demolition and reconstruction are happening anytime, anywhere in almost every city.

Large markets such as Zhengzhou South China City hardware, electromechanical, and auto parts are in line with the inevitable trend of the times in terms of hardware such as market environment and software such as service management. Because things are clustered together and people are divided into groups, both businesses and consumers like to buy and sell in a more comfortable and convenient business and shopping environment. China South City is located in 8 cities including Shenzhen, Xi’an and Zhengzhou across the country to build a commercial and logistics center, which is precisely to seize the characteristics of this era and cater to the psychology of businessmen’s transactions and consumption.

With the renovation of the old city of Zhengzhou, many professional markets will be relocated successively. While the construction of South China City is in full swing, it is building and attracting investment, and attracting investment and operating at the same time. On July 15, the opening of the first batch of more than 3,000 operating households such as the hardware and electromechanical trading market, and the influx of a large number of passengers have fully demonstrated the inevitability of urban transformation and upgrading and accelerated market integration.

From another point of view, because of its light weight, fast circulation and consumption, and close relationship with ordinary people’s daily life, daily necessities are destined to operate in the community for a long time and can be purchased online. However, as a special commodity such as hardware, electromechanical and auto parts, its operation and development space must be in the large professional market. Therefore, it is the right time for the majority of businesses to enter Zhengzhou South China City for business development. The future is bright and optimistic.