Analysis of the causes of alarm after spindle overload in vertical machining center

As a widely used CNC machine tool machining 5083 Aluminum Alloy Beauty Equipment Spare Parts in the current market, vertical machining centers have many advantages, but they may also encounter some malfunctions during use. For example, the machining center will generate an alarm after the spindle is overloaded. Generally, the alarm number The alarm number is 751. If the alarm number of the spindle servo module is AL-73, then what is the specific reason for this alarm in the vertical machining center? This article will briefly analyze it next.

The vertical machining center’s alarm after the spindle is overloaded can generally be divided into three situations. One is the alarm when the motor excitation is turned off. In this case, there are the following reasons, such as errors in parameter setting. , now you need to confirm whether the sensor setting parameters are correct; if the cable is disconnected, this alarm situation will also occur, and you need to replace the cable at this time. If there is a problem with the Medical Sensor Power Supply Housing adjustment, the sensor signal needs to be adjusted accordingly. If there is no way to adjust it, the connecting cable or sensor should be replaced.

The second situation in which an alarm occurs when the spindle of a vertical machining center is overloaded is when the spindle is running or when the cable is touched. The reason for this situation may be that the wire is broken. The cable should be replaced at this time. If cutting oil is found If the connector part is invaded, the user needs to clean it in time. The latter situation is that an alarm occurs when the motor rotates. The main reason for this situation is that the cable shielding between the sensor and the SPM is faulty. At this time, the cable shielding needs to be confirmed. It is also possible that the cable between the sensor and SPM and the power line of the servo motor are tied together. At this time, they need to be tied separately.