Analyzing the Running Noise of the Vertical Lathe Workbench

With the continuous improvement of technology and people’s living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the green and environmentally friendly work environment. When the vertical lathe workbench runs, it produces a lot of noise, which has attracted great attention. Therefore, research has been conducted on the noise caused by the operation of the vertical lathe workbench, in order to reduce the noise and provide a good working environment for vertical lathe workers. The article analyzes the noise of various important components of the vertical lathe workbench, and understands the location of noise generation by analyzing the working principle. Control the tungsten machining noise of the vertical lathe workbench by improving the technological means.

When the workbench is working, all gear rings will be in motion, and the center bearing will move in a rotating manner. At the same time, the operating accuracy of the workbench gear ring is affected by the base. Therefore, although there are no moving parts at the bottom, it is necessary to strengthen the detection of the workbench bottom to avoid affecting the accuracy and meshing effect of the transmission gear.

During the operation of the vertical lathe workbench, the main transmission box still drives the internal bearings and gears to move, while also driving the overall vibration of the vertical lathe workbench. Although the main transmission box will drive the entire vertical lathe workbench to vibrate, the vibration noise is not significant and does not exceed the noise standard.

This type of noise belongs to uncontrollable noise, and the motor itself will generate high-speed rotation during operation. This high-speed rotation causes motor vibration and generates noise, which drives most parts of the vertical lathe workbench to vibrate. Only by reducing the noise caused by motor rotation through technological means can this noise be improved.

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