CNC machining programming

With the continuous development and growth of my country’s industrialization and modernization, CNC Machining china tools have grown from scratch in recent years, from simple to complex, from low-end machine tools to the current five-axis and six-axis high-precision high-end machine tools. Machine tools are constantly being updated, and so are CNC programming operators from generation to generation. The major of CNC has gone from being unpopular to popular and now it is neither salty nor dull. The only thing that remains unchanged is these CNC programming codes, which have almost never changed in these decades…

There may seem to be a lot of CNC machining programming codes, but in fact not many can be used for door cnc machining. To put it bluntly, they are straight lines and arcs and some auxiliary codes, such as tool change command codes, coolant switch commands, automatic door switch commands, etc. The key is It depends on which command you want to use and how you want to use it. Of course, there are also some instructions to simplify programming, such as drilling fixed cycle instructions, chamfering simplified programming, etc.

Next, if there are friends who want to leave a message about these instructions in detail, I will introduce you to the practical skills of CNC machining wood chess programming in detail.