Compared with traditional machining methods, what advantages does a five-axis machining center have?

When processing furniture mainly made of solid wood components, the five-axis machining center has the main advantages over conventional processing methods and Control CNC Milling Accuracy in completing a full set of processing processes such as wood milling, slotting, drilling, tenoning and tenoning. as follows:

1. High level of automation

Most or all of the cutting processing of the workpiece can be completed in one clamping, ensuring the processing accuracy of the workpiece and improving the processing efficiency.

2. High-speed milling

High-speed milling can turn the traditional multi-pass processing process into a high-speed cutting process, reducing the processing steps and avoiding the cumulative accuracy errors caused by multi-pass processing.

3. High safety

It has self-diagnosis and self-repair functions. During the entire working state, the system can self-diagnose and inspect the CNC system itself and various equipment connected to it at any time.

4. Simple process

It has strong adaptability to processed parts, high flexibility and good flexibility. The process of processing complex workpieces is simple, saving a lot of time, cost and other equipment investment.

5. Diverse functions

Various machining centers equipped with automatic tool changing mechanisms can simultaneously realize milling, boring, drilling, turning, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processes on the same machine tool. Modern five-axis machining centers can also It adopts multi-spindle and polyhedral cutting, which can cut different parts of a part in different ways at the same time.

6. Intelligent management

Automatic parameter setting and tool automatic management system, dynamic feed forward and predictive calculation functions, adaptive fuzzy control functions, etc. And by directly cooperating with virtual environment technology through visualization technologies such as graphics, images, and animations, NC programming design, parameter setting, tool management, machining near me simulation, etc. can be displayed.