Explanation of several common reasons for overcutting of workpieces

There are many reasons for the workpiece overcut in cnc processing. If the workpiece is overcut, it will be repaired after welding, and the workpiece will be discarded directly. Especially when the large mold is processed, it is the most troublesome thing to encounter the workpiece overcut. How to deal with it

If the workpiece is overcut, if it is programmed manually, it means forgetting to take the tool radius into account in the programming.

  • It is caused by carelessness. If it is software programming, it may be the selected tool alignment, not tangent, both of these programming methods will Causes the workpiece to be overcut.
  • The overcutting of the workpiece is also a fault in the selection of the tool. For example, a milling cutter with a diameter of 16mm is used in the program, but a 20mm milling cutter is used. The whole becomes smaller. This requires carefully checking whether the diameter of the tool is reasonable before processing, and don’t take chances.
  • Another reason for the overcut of the workpiece is the wrong input of the workpiece coordinate system when the zero position is set. Be sure to remember to offset a radius value of the zero position bar, the input of the tool compensation is wrong, the tool length and the tool radius compensation must be input correctly , If the tool length input is 0.5mm long, the workpiece will be 0.5mm more, and it will not be used directly for large workpieces. Whether the tool radius compensation is positive or negative should be considered before machining. The workpiece is overcut.

The above are some common reasons for overcutting of workpieces. Others include loose spindle and low precision of the ball screw, which will cause overcutting during processing. After overcutting, the reasons should be checked in time to prevent similar situations from happening again.