Foundation selection requirements for gantry machining centers

The gantry machining center will generate huge energy when CNC machining large parts, so it is very important to choose a good foundation. A solid foundation can ensure the safety of production. Let me introduce to you about the gantry machining center. Foundation installation requirements.

1. Selection requirements for the foundation of the gantry machining center:

According to the foundation installation diagram, select an appropriate space to install the gantry machining center. The stability of the installation foundation should not have a negative impact on the accuracy of the machine tool. However, in order to prevent the vibration of other mechanical devices from affecting the machine tool through the ground, the foundation should be absolutely stable. properties and isolation.

2. The following points should be considered when laying the foundation of the gantry machining center:

  • (1) To facilitate maintenance and inspection, appropriate space should be reserved next to the machine tool installation location.
  • (2) In order to install and maintain the gantry machining center, there should be at least 500mm of space between the top of the machine tool and the crane.
  • (3) Sufficient space should be provided to loosen and clamp workpieces.
  • (4) When installing a gantry machining center, there should be enough space to move and install the machine tool.

3. The foundation installation of the gantry machining center should meet the following requirements:

  • (1) There should be no cracks in concrete.
  • (2) The minimum pressure of concrete is 1800 N per square centimeter, and the tensile strength is 180 N per square centimeter.
  • (3) The bearing strength of the ground should be greater than 5 tons per square meter.
  • (4) Anti-seismic materials should be added around the concrete.