How to maintain the oil cooler of CNC machining center

Routine maintenance of CNC machining center equipment can keep the equipment in good technical condition, delay the deterioration process, detect and eliminate hidden faults in time, and ensure safe operation. How to maintain the oil cooler of 45# Carbon Steel Parts CNC machining center? Let me tell you below.

  • 1. Please use neutral detergent or high-quality soap to remove dirt on the surface of the oil cooler. Do not use stones, acids, grinding powder, steel brushes, hot water, etc. to clean to keep the paint intact;
  • 2. Check the condenser to see if it is blocked by dirt. Please use compressed air or a brush to remove dust from the condenser;
  • 3. Clean the air filter of the condenser. Turn the filter so that the dirty side faces down and pat it gently, or spray the filter with water containing detergent to wash away heavy dust. After washing, shake it to dry and reinstall the filter. Please clean it once a week;
  • 4. The frequency of cleaning the oil filter depends on the quality of the oil. Sometimes it may be necessary several times. Generally speaking, the initial stage is once a day after the oil pipeline is connected. After normal operation, it is about once every 2-4 days;
  • 5. Regularly drain water (fuel tank). If there is a lot of humidity, water will naturally accumulate at the bottom of the tank. Please remove the water from the drain port at the bottom of the tank every month;
  • 6. Do not remove the air filter while the cnc machining heatsink is running, because it may touch the warm refrigerant pipe or the rotating fan blade during removal. Therefore, when inspecting and maintaining the oil cooler, for the sake of maintenance safety, be sure to cut it off. main power switch;

In case of malfunction and necessary repairs, please pay special attention to the following matters:

  • (1) When repairing, you need to use welding tools, remove the oil cooler from the main engine, and remove the oil* in the cooler;
  • (2) It should be noted that it is advisable to work in a place where there is no concern about fire, or in a place with good ventilation that will not affect breathing when the cold coal leaks;

When not in use for a long time, the main power switch must be cut off, and the inside of the machine and the condenser must be protected to prevent dust and moisture from adhering.
The above is the maintenance method of the oil cooler in aluminum 5052 CNC machining center maintenance. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.