How to solve the problem of broken tools of vertical machining center?

Tools are very important for vertical machining centers. They are the executors of all Lathe And Milling Machine CNC Machining Cup-shaped Aluminum Alloy Parts processes, so tools are also prone to wear and tear. If the tool is damaged, it will affect the cutting edge and produce poor cutting conditions. We must pay enough attention to the causes of tool breakage, so as to reduce the adverse effects caused by tool breakage through methods.

When tool breakage manifests itself as chipping of the cutting edge or tip

This type of damage often occurs in environments with harsh cutting conditions, and often develops from micro chipping of the blade. The tool has to stop working after it loses its cutting ability. We call the common situation of tool breakage as tip loss.

Broken blade or tool

When the cutting amount is too 3D Flexible Welding Platform By Large Machining and an impact load is generated, micro-cracks will occur in the blade or tool material. When there is residual stress in the blade due to welding and sharpening, coupled with factors such as careless operation, the blade or tool may break. After this form of damage occurs, the tool cannot continue to be used and will be scrapped. How to prevent tool breakage

1) Reasonable tool selection.

Before mass production of workpieces, the types and grades of tool materials must be reasonably selected based on the characteristics of the materials and parts being processed. On the premise of ensuring a certain hardness and wear resistance, the tool material must have the necessary toughness;

2) Correctly set the tool geometry parameters.

During the Custom Smart Audio Shell Parts And Base process, angle parameters such as the front and rear angles, main and auxiliary deflection angles, and edge inclination angles can be adjusted to ensure that the cutting edge and tool tip have good strength. Grind a narrower plane on the cutting edge at a certain angle. This narrower plane, called a negative chamfer, is an effective measure to prevent tool collapse;

3) Strict welding process

Ensure the quality of welding and sharpening and avoid various defects caused by poor welding and sharpening. The tools used in key processes should be ground to improve surface quality and checked for cracks; the tool life of the vertical machining center can be effectively extended through correct prevention.