Main application areas of vertical machining centers

Vertical machining center is a relatively common machining center in the industrial field. The application scope of this machining center is still very wide. The vertical machining center also has many functions, which can bring great convenience to work and life. So, where are vertical machining centers primarily used?

Vertical machining center refers to a machining center with the spindle axis perpendicular to the workbench. It is mainly suitable for Military CNC Machining such as plates, disks, molds and small shells. Vertical machining centers can complete processes such as milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting threads. Vertical machining centers at least have three axes and two linkages, and can generally complete three axes and three linkages. Some can perform five-axis or six-axis control.

The height of the vertical machining center column is limited, and the processing range of box-type workpieces needs to be reduced. This is a shortcoming of the vertical machining center.

However, the workpiece in the vertical machining center is convenient for clamping and gd&t positioning; the cutting tool movement track is easy to observe, and the debugging program is easy to check and measure. Problems can be discovered in time, and shutdown processing or correction can be carried out; the cooling conditions are easy to establish, and the cutting fluid can directly reach the cutting tool and the machining surface; The three coordinate axes are consistent with the Cartesian coordinate system, and the feeling is intuitive and consistent with the drawing perspective. The chips are easily removed and dropped to avoid scratching the processed surface. Compared with the corresponding horizontal machining center, it has a simple structure, a smaller footprint and a lower price.Gantry machining center is a vertical machining center and has the following advantages:

  • A. Due to its unique structure, this type of machining center has good rigidity and high precision.
  • B. The main spindle box parts do not overhang and do not bear deformation caused by bending during processing.
  • C. The machining center can achieve high-speed cnc machining and high-speed positioning.
  • D., can be driven by the center of gravity. That is, the resultant force of the double screw drive passes through the center of gravity of the moving parts, which is a major breakthrough in high-speed, high-precision machining in recent years.