Metal Etching Process

Today I will share the selective etching process

Our department uses salt solution to corrode metal. The pictures follow the steps. You can follow the pictures to operate. If there are any details that are not explained clearly, you can comment and ask me ~

Required materials:

  • 1. Thermal transfer drawings (pnp material, printed on the matte material side, only laser printer/copier can be used!)
  • 2. Iron (cannot be steam)
  • 3. If you can afford to buy a large iron plate, you can also buy one (so that the metal is heated evenly)
  • 4. Transparent tape and metal strips
  • 5. ac/dc current generator
  • 6. Hydrochloric acid solution/I heard that strong salt solution is also possible (one jar of solution needs to be able to pass through the metal you want to metal etch/two jars of clean water)
  • 7. Nail polish (can also serve as a covering and will not corrode)
  • 8. Nail polish remover with acetone content/or pure acetone (used to remove heat transfer or nail polish on the lump part)


  • 1. Be careful! You can wear gloves! Especially the part with nail polish remover!
  • 2. Metals that have been in hydrochloric acid solution must go through more than two steps of clean water before they can be cleaned and metal etching process in the pool, otherwise it will harm the ecological environment!
  • 3. Be careful when using paper towels with nail polish remover, as they are flammable.