Reasons and solutions for the loss of electrode cutting nozzle of CNC plasma cutting machine

Regarding the loss of electrode cutting nozzles of plasma cutting machines, it has always been the focus of enterprises, because electrode cutting nozzles are one of the primary consumable costs for CNC plasma cutting machine processing, because there are different brands of electrode cutting nozzles on the market, imported The price of the brand’s electrode cutting nozzle can be more than one hundred yuan, so how to reduce the consumption of CNC plasma cutting machine consumables, its significance has also become important.

Those who operate the CNC plasma cutting machine know that if the cutting nozzle of the CNC plasma cutting machine is damaged, it will easily lead to no arcing during the plasma processing. To prevent this situation, today’s hardware parts processing factory – PTJ CNC Technology will explain When using the electrode cutting nozzle of the CNC plasma cutting machine, how should it be used to make the electrode cutting nozzle more useful.

In the process of CNC plasma cutting machine, under normal conditions, the service life of a set of electrode cutting nozzles is about 3-4 hours. In order to reduce the cost of consumables, many users purchase electrode cutting nozzles with low price and poor quality. This approach will only aggravate the loss of the cutting nozzle and make it easier to burn the cutting gun, which will bring some uncertain safety hazards, so it is not recommended for everyone to do this. In order to reduce the loss of electrode wire cutting nozzles, Dongguan Hardware Parts Processing Factory-PTJ CNC has summarized the following solutions in the long-term on-site after-sales work with customers:

Method 1, remove the oxides on the air or oxygen nozzle

When air or oxygen plasma is used in the nozzle, oxides will accumulate in the nozzle, which will affect the airflow and increase the life of the consumables. Wipe the inside of the nozzle with a clean flannel to eliminate oxides.

Method 2: Check the airflow and cooling flow every day

One of the most common reasons for torch damage is the lack of cooling flow. It is necessary to check the airflow and air pressure or coolant to the torch frequently. If you find that the airflow is insufficient or leaks, you should immediately stop the machine to remove the fault.

Method 3: Use hardened water to inject into the cutting torch

Hard water can form deposits of metal impurities on the nozzle ring, which will affect airflow, reduce torch quality and prolong consumable part life.

Method 4: Ensure the correct air pressure and activity of the plasma

The correct gas pressure and movement of the plasma are very important for the service life of the consumables. If the air pressure is too high, the life of the electrode will be greatly increased; if the air pressure is too low, the life of the nozzle will be affected.

Method 5: Use a reasonable cutting distance

According to the requirements of the operating instructions, a reasonable cutting distance should be adopted. The cutting distance is the distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece. When perforating, try to use 2 times the normal cutting distance or use the maximum height that the plasma arc can transmit.

Method 6: Do not overload the nozzle

Overloading the nozzle (that is, exceeding the task current of the nozzle) will damage the nozzle very quickly. The current intensity should be 95% of the nozzle’s task current. For example: the amperage of a 100A nozzle should be set to 95A.

Method 7, the thickness of the perforation should be within the allowable range of the machine system

The cutting machine cannot perforate the steel plate beyond the task thickness, and the usual perforation thickness is 1/2 of the normal cutting thickness.

Method 8: Keep the plasma gas dry and clean

Plasma systems require dry and clean plasma gas to work properly. Dirty gas is usually the result of gas compression systems, which prolong the service life of consumables and cause abnormal damage.

Method 9: Prevent the plasma arc from being elongated and extended

If the plasma arc only needs to be elongated and expanded to contact the surface of the workpiece, this stretching and expansion of the plasma arc will occur at the beginning and end of cutting, which will cause abnormal damage to the nozzle. This problem can be avoided if the correct edge end point technique is used and the appropriate “break arc” signal timing is used.

Method 10, cutting should start from the edge

Begin cutting from the edge as much as possible, rather than perforating. Using the edge as a starting point will extend the life of the consumable part, the correct way is to directly aim the nozzle at the edge of the workpiece and then start the plasma arc.

Therefore, when purchasing a CNC plasma cutting machine, pay attention to whether the cutting torch and the electrode cutting nozzle match. In addition, nozzles with different apertures have different cutting thicknesses. Therefore, before the cutting task of the CNC plasma cutting machine, it is necessary to select the electrode cutting nozzle that matches the cutting capacity and the sheet to be cut.

The above is the hardware accessories processing factory_Dongguan PTJ CNC has summarized several solutions for you in order to effectively reduce the loss of the electrode cutting nozzle. I hope you can use it flexibly in the CNC plasma cutting machine. We are professional in PTJ CNC production of precision hardware accessories, and I am also professional in the production of electrode cutting nozzles!