Reasons for tool jamming in the vertical machining center tool magazine

We know that tool magazines and automatic tool changers are frequently used components of vertical machining centers. Especially when there are a lot of CNC Machining Military-grade Electronic Housing to be processed, tools need to be replaced frequently to complete the processing of different processes. If there is a problem with the machine tool itself or some abnormalities occur during processing, it will cause the tool magazine to get stuck. There are many faults that cause the tool magazine of the vertical machining center to get stuck. Common ones include external factors such as kinetic energy cutoff, commonly known as sudden power outage, or insufficient air pressure, which prevents the tool from being pulled out normally. However, the more common reasons are internal reasons, such as abnormal position of the second tool change origin, incorrect spindle orientation angle, etc.

1. The spindle orientation angle is incorrect

Orientation angle running is generally caused by machine collisions, or problems with the spindle synchronization tooth profile, resulting in errors in the orientation angle. Inaccurate orientation can also cause problems such as abnormal Custom Stainless Steel Belt Tool changing in the tool magazine.

2. The second tool change origin position is abnormal.

If a collision accident occurs in a vertical machining center due to misoperation, etc., it is easy to cause the tool change origin to be incorrect, which is manifested as the tool arm pulling out the tool when changing the tool, abnormal noise when loading the tool, and even causing the tool to get stuck after a long time. The arms can also be damaged

3. Solution to tool jamming problem in vertical machining center tool magazine

To put it simply, there are two situations when a tool is stuck in the tool magazine. One is when the tool is not pulled out, and the other is when the tool is already pulled out. This situation is relatively easy to solve. We mainly introduce the solution to the second situation.

  • 1. Loosen the brake device on the motor and use an adjustable wrench to rotate the outer hexagon on the motor. Generally, the direction of rotation is the same as the direction in which the tool arm is stuck. In short, it is to make the automatic tool changer tool arm detach from the spindle of the vertical Customized Aluminum Alloy Car Blank Forgings center. .
  • 2. When the tool arm is separated from the spindle, if there is a tool on the spindle, you can hear the sound of air leakage, that is, the spindle is in the state of releasing the tool. Please note that you must put something on the tooling to prevent the tool from falling at this time. situation occurs.
  • 3. Please keep rotating the knife arm until the knife arm completes a complete tool changing action. The tool arm also has an origin position. In the tool magazine panel, there are three red lights. Generally, the light in the middle is the indicator light that the tool arm is at the origin position.
  • 4. After eliminating the stuck tool fault, return the tool arm motor brake device to its original position, and then perform a tool change when the vertical machining center is in the MDI state to see if it is normal. If it is normal, please remember to process the tool. Check all the tools to be used and proceed with processing while ensuring safety.