Routine maintenance and upkeep of inclined bed CNC lathes

Slant bed CNC lathes are very popular in the market. Slant bed CNC thread lathes have the characteristics of convenient chip removal, complete functions, excellent performance, high rigidity, and high precision. They are mainly used for processing precision and complex rotary parts. Any equipment requires routine maintenance and upkeep. Only by doing this well can we ensure its normal operation and extend its service life. The main daily maintenance and maintenance work of the inclined bed CNC lathe is as follows:

1. Choose a suitable usage environment

The usage environment and classification of CNC lathes (such as humidity, temperature, power supply voltage, frequency, vibration and interference, etc.) will affect the normal operation of the machine tool. Therefore, when installing the machine tool, strict requirements should be met to comply with the installation conditions and requirements specified in the machine tool manual. If economic conditions permit, the inclined bed CNC lathe should be installed isolated from ordinary mechanical processing equipment to facilitate repair and maintenance.

2. Maintenance and maintenance of inclined bed CNC lathes that are not used for a long time

When the inclined bed CNC lathe is not in use, it should be powered on frequently through the CNC system and run dry when the machine tool is locked. During the mildew season when the air humidity is high, power should be turned on every day, and the electrical components themselves should be used to generate heat to drive away the moisture in the CNC cabinet to ensure the stable and reliable performance of the electronic components.