System structural characteristics of five-axis machining center

The five-axis machining center integrates traditional lathes, milling machines, and drilling machines. It plays a great role in mechanical processing, especially in the production of parts. The processing speed and feed amount are controlled through programming. The cnc magnesium car parts have a high The accuracy is very high, and some even have tool magazines that can automatically change tools. The work efficiency is very high, and it can realize automated and unmanned production operations, which can bring considerable economic benefits.

System structural characteristics of 5 axis machined parts machining center:

  • 1. Adopt high-performance and high-reliability CNC system, with fast processing speed and high efficiency;
  • 2. Tool path dynamic graphic display, intelligent warning display, self-diagnosis and other functions are convenient for use and maintenance; multi-segment pre-reading is especially suitable for mold processing and teaching demonstrations of high-speed and large-volume programs;
  • 3. The operation interface is scientifically designed according to the human visual sensory system, so that the human visual sensory system can reach the optimal state; the portable wireless handheld remote control unit box greatly facilitates knife setting, trial cutting, and safe processing;
  • 4. The key parts and factory accuracy of the machining center are strictly tested by three-coordinate measurement and dual-frequency laser interferometer, and they are comprehensively inspected to ensure the geometric accuracy and working accuracy of the machine tool;
  • 5. The computer-aided design system is used to complete the machine tool structure design. The overall structure characteristics of the machine tool adopts a high-rigidity aluminum alloy skeleton structure, a box-shaped structure, thick walls and multiple ribs, which makes the machine tool have good rigidity;
  • 6. It adopts linear guide rails with high load capacity, high speed, high positioning accuracy and high rigidity; combined with high-speed AC servo motor drive, each axis moves quickly, steadily and smoothly, and the machine tool has long-lasting precision;
  • 7. X, Y, and Z are all directly driven by high-precision pre-stretched ball screws, which are suitable for high-precision and powerful cutting of workpieces.