The focus of market development in the precision CNC vertical lathe industry is quality reliability

The precision CNC vertical lathe is known as a modern “work machine” with high-tech content in modern development and is an important basic equipment for realizing the modernization of manufacturing technology and equipment manufacturing industry. China Parts industries is the largest consumer of CNC machine tools in the world, and the import volume of CNC machine tools, especially CNC machine tools, remains high. The reason is that product reliability is a key factor affecting market share.

In recent years, Chinese machine tool companies have implemented reliability technologies, and the reliability level of domestic machine tools has been steadily increasing, but the gap between similar products in developed countries is still significant. In order to change the current situation of my country’s machine tool industry, through the implementation of major special projects, we will promote the reliability level of domestic CNC machine tools to be close to or reach the highest level, solve engineering problems that hinder the development of CNC machine tool industry technology, and change the passive situation of international market competition.

The main reason why users of CNC machine tools in many industries in my country do not purchase domestic machine tools is that the reliability of the products cannot meet user needs. The fierce competition in the machine tool market is mainly a competition for product reliability. Whether or not to occupy the market is the key to the survival and development of my country’s CNC equipment industry. Especially as import volume continues to increase, the improvement of product reliability is of particular significance to domestic CNC equipment to win in the international market competition and promote the development of national industry.

At present, the development of domestic CNC machine tools is primarily focused on pursuing high-speed, precision and 5-axis linkage compound titanium machining. However, with the increase in composite functions and the introduction of intensive technologies, unreliable factors and risks of failures are increasing. A high-reliability machine tool can reap the benefits of several machine tools working together, which can reduce the user’s downtime losses and repair costs. The probability of failure during operation and use increases, its advanced functions and functions cannot be maintained, and the use value is reduced or lost.

The reliability of CNC machine tool products is the quality characteristic revealed during use and on-site operation. Considering the time factors and environmental factors of product use, the reliability level of unused products cannot be truly evaluated. Improving the reliability of CNC machine tools is to reduce or avoid various failures that occur during product operation.

In many cases, prominent problems affecting product reliability of domestic CNC machine tools are often the sheet metal manufacturing process, installation process, selection of accessories and purchased parts, and failure to eliminate early failures, which account for a large proportion of failures. It is necessary to focus on reliability testing methods, strengthen reliability assurance measures in the product manufacturing process, installation process, purchase of accessories and purchased parts, and early fault elimination, and implement system engineering to finally achieve the reliability improvement of CNC machine tool products.