The inclined bed CNC lathe is an all-round precision CNC lathe.

The inclined bed CNC lathe is an all-round precision CNC lathe with high precision, flexibility and durability, elegant appearance and strong practicality. It is suitable for stainless steel cnc milling of various high-precision, multi-batch, and complex-shaped parts used in aviation, electronics, watches and clocks and other industries. Scope of application of inclined bed CNC lathe:

  • 1. Slant bed CNC lathes are mainly used for multi-variety, small and medium-sized batch processing of various precision and complex rotary parts.
  • 2. The optional hydraulic chuck and tailstock can realize automatic loading and unloading. The optional system and functional components can be clamped at one time to realize turning and milling functions.
  • 3. It can meet the processing requirements of common inner circles, outer circles, steps, cones, spherical surfaces, grooves, various threads and complex curved surfaces. It can meet the rough and finish machining of Malleable Cast Iron and forging blanks made of various high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, heat-resistant alloys, stainless steel, cast iron, cast steel and other materials.
  • 4. The castings are tempered to eliminate internal stress. The X and Z-axis guide rails adopt linear guide rails from Taiwan, China. The full-stroke straightness correction ensures the machine tool movement accuracy and good accuracy retention.
  • 5. The lathe has good reliability, good rigidity, high precision, long life and fast speed. It can reliably and stably complete rough, fine and finishing processing of various difficult-to-machine materials.
  • 6. The lathe spindle drag torque is short and large, and the spindle speed is high. The bed is made of high-grade cast iron into a 45-degree/60-degree inclined bed, and is integrally cast.

In order to ensure the working accuracy of the inclined bed CNC lathe and extend its service life, it is necessary to perform reasonable maintenance on the self-used lathe. The quality of lathe maintenance directly affects the 303 stainless steel cnc machining quality and production efficiency of workpieces. After the lathe has been running for 500 hours, first-level maintenance is required. The maintenance work of inclined bed CNC lathes is mainly carried out by operators, with maintenance workers cooperating. During maintenance, you must first cut off the electric detector, and then perform maintenance according to the maintenance content and requirements.
When there are no processing tasks, the inclined bed CNC lathe should also be powered on regularly, try to power on 1-2 times a week, and run dry for about 1 hour each time, so as to use the heat generated by the lathe itself to reduce the humidity inside the machine and make the electronics The 304 stainless steel machining components are protected from moisture, and at the same time, whether a battery alarm occurs can be detected in time to prevent the loss of system software and parameters.