The inclined bed CNC machine tool has solved the problem of insufficient machining accuracy in the past

With the increasing precision of products in the manufacturing industry, CNC machine tools have emerged in the new century, with the main starting point being to solve related problems such as automatic machining and precision machining of various mechanical parts. In the future, many professional technicians have found that some traditional CNC machine tools often do not have sufficient machining accuracy or cannot meet the required machining requirements, so they constantly seek new solutions to problems. For this reason, some places have introduced inclined bed CNC machine tools, which are highly accurate and efficient automated machine tools.

1. Overall situation of inclined bed CNC machine tools

In actual cutting processing, the inclined bed machine tool has the function of selecting power tools and an 8-position turret tool holder, so it can play an important role in the processing of different products, especially in the processing of various products and small and medium-sized batch products; Especially in complex and high-precision parts, there are obvious advantages that other products do not have.

2. Preparation before trial operation of CNC machine tools with inclined bed

Before use, the machine tool must pass the geometric accuracy inspection before cleaning the entire machine.

Specifically, it is necessary to use cotton or silk cloth containing cleaning agents for cleaning. At this stage, cotton or gauze should not be used to avoid machine jamming. This means that the rust resistant oil or paint applied to protect the guide rail surface and processing surface of the machine tool at the connector machining factory should be cleaned, and the dust on the outer surface should be cleaned.

At the same time, apply the custom made aluminum parts manufacturer’s lubricating oil to each sliding surface and working surface. At the same time, it is also necessary to carefully check whether all parts of the machine tool have been filled with oil according to relevant requirements, and whether the coolant in the cooling box is sufficient. Can the oil in the hydraulic station and automatic lubrication device of the machine tool reach the specified position on the oil level indicator. At the same time, check whether all switches and components in the electrical control box are normal, and whether each plug-in integrated circuit board is operating normally. After powering on, we also need to start the centralized lubrication installation to ensure that there is sufficient lubricating oil on the lubrication parts and oil pipelines, in order to prepare the machine tool for use.

3. Installation of CNC machine tools with inclined bed

The inclined bed machine tool must be leveled in a free state and locked with anchor bolts when placed on the foundation. For ordinary machine tools, the level reading will not be higher than 0.04/1000mm, while for high-precision CNC machine tools, the level reading will not be higher than 0.02/1000mm.

When measuring installation accuracy, we often need to operate at a constant temperature, and the measuring tool needs to be fixed for a period of time before use. When installing a machine tool, it is necessary to minimize the installation method of forced deformation caused by CNC machine tools as much as possible. When installing the machine tool, certain components of the machine tool cannot be removed casually. If certain components are removed, it is likely that the internal stress of the CNC machine tool will need to be distributed again, which will affect the accuracy of the machine tool.