The specific process of hardware accessories processing

PTJ has 15 years of experience in hardware accessories processing, CNC lathe parts and various hardware accessories processing, the stamping speed can reach 1200SPM, and the processing efficiency of precision hardware accessories is high! Our processing flow includes:

  • Confirmation of the first item:According to the SIP, the quality control of the production process will check and verify the first part processed product, and only after confirming that it is qualified, can the production be carried out.
  • Self-check:Factory operators conduct self-inspection on their own precision hardware accessories products according to SOP, so as to find out the poor quality in time and improve them.
    ​Mutual inspection:
    ​It means that the next station inspects the precision hardware accessories products of the previous station, and the good products flow into this station to reduce unnecessary waste. When more defects are found, the former station should be notified for improvement.
  • Tour inspection:According to the requirements of SIP/IS, the process quality control IPQC conducts inspections on the size and appearance of the accessories processing products being produced to find out whether the products meet the standards in time.
  • Tail piece inspection:Quality control conducts a comprehensive inspection of the final precision hardware accessories produced in this class to confirm the quality of the products in this class.

PTJ Precision has the original punching machine imported from Taiwan and Japan: hardware accessories have a high level of processing accuracy, and the punching accuracy is plus or minus 0.01MM. Welcome to inquire