The use of CNC lathes has now become a trend

The development of CNC lathes has been getting better and better in recent years. High-speed, precision, composite, intelligent and green are the general trends in the development of CNC lathe technology. The application has become a trend. Here is a detailed introduction for you:

  • Machine tool compound technology is further expanded With the advancement of CNC lathe technology, compound machining technology is becoming more and more mature, including milling-turning compounding, turning-milling compounding, turning-boring-drilling-gear machining and other compounding, turning-grinding compounding, forming compound machining, special compound machining The precision and efficiency of composite machining are greatly improved.
  • New breakthroughs have been made in the intelligent technology of CNC lathes, which have been more reflected in the performance of the CNC system. Functions such as automatic adjustment of interference and anti-collision function, workpiece automatically exiting the safe zone after power failure, power-off protection function, processing parts detection and automatic compensation learning function, intelligent parameter selection function of high-precision processing parts, and automatic elimination of machine vibration during processing have entered practical use. In the stage of transformation, intelligence improves the function and quality of machine tools.
  • The robot makes the flexible combination more efficient. The flexible combination of the robot and the host has been widely used, making the flexible line more flexible, the function is further expanded, the flexible line is further shortened, and the efficiency is higher.
  • With new progress in precision machining technology, the machining accuracy of CNC metal Machining machine tools has been improved from the original wire level to micron level. And temperature, vibration and other dynamic error compensation technology, improve the geometric accuracy of machine tool processing, reduce shape and position error, surface roughness, etc., thus entering the era of sub-micron and nano-level ultra-finishing.
  • The performance of functional components continues to improve. Functional components continue to develop in the direction of high speed, high precision, high power and intelligence, and have achieved mature applications.

In the era of mechatronics, the use of CNC lathes has become a trend. The application skills and space environment of CNC lathes in the past were not very perfect, but today’s industrial development has achieved an outstanding role. Gradually promoting mechatronics to the sophisticated field, from development to development to the current sophisticated field, the development of CNC lathes has gone through too many ups and downs, but the way out is bright.

CNC lathe is an essential equipment for industrial production today, and it is also one of the necessary equipment. At the same time of mechanical production, the purpose of using CNC lathe is to greatly increase the scale of use, and to promote industrial production to a certain extent. , to improve the power of work. Since the technical development of CNC lathes in China has reached the mature stage, various fields have begun to pay attention to CNC lathes.

From the production of the aviation industry to the production of automobile electrical appliances, all of them have understood the convenience and power brought by CNC lathes, without the need for imported skills, the technology of China’s CNC lathes has reached the leading level, and promote the economy The development of electricity has become an inexhaustible driving force, so this is one of the important achievements of mechatronics, which not only promotes the development of the industry, but also promotes the development of the electrical industry.