What are the precautions for vertical machining centers?

Due to the higher technical content of the vertical machining center, it is more complex to operate than ordinary machine tools, and it should be operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of the machine. The operator must pay attention to some matters!

  • 1. Input sequence or shutdown: First press the emergency stop switch on the operation panel, then turn on the main power and turn on the power switch panel.
  • 2. After Turn-Mill Cnc Machining Kovar 4j29 Parts on the machine, check that the switches, buttons and keys are normal and flexible, if the machine is abnormal.
  • 3. Check whether the voltage, oil pressure and air pressure are normal. Manual lubrication requires manual lubrication.
  • 4. Manually return to zero (machine origin). If an axis is in the zero return position, the axis must be moved to a position 100MM from the origin and then manually returned to the zero position before zero.
  • 5. When clamping the workpiece, pay attention to the direction of the pressure plate pin on the workpiece to see if it hinders the movement of the tool, and check the white part and abnormal size (if it is high). When using a press to process workpieces, please pay attention to whether the tool will mill jaws, etc.
  • 6. Correctly measure and calculate the coordinate system of the part, and verify and verify the results.
  • 7. It is necessary to verify whether the tools in the program are consistent with the tools in the processing table to avoid wrong tools. Check whether the shape and dimensions of the front and rear axes meet the requirements of the machining process, and if you can hit the workpiece and fixture.
  • 8. For test and single-stage test cutting, the quick override switch must be placed in a lower gear.
  • 9. When testing the tool, when the tool runs on a surface of 30 to 50 mm of the workpiece, it is necessary to check that the values of the other coordinates of the Z axis and the values of the coordinates of the X and Y coordinates are consistent with the power retention of the program.
  • 10. For manual feeding and continuous manual operation, you should check whether the selected switch positions are correct, delete the positive and negative directions, look for the button, and then operate.
  • 11. Never touch rotating mechanical parts with gloves on. It is best not to wear gloves to operate the switches and buttons on the panel. You cannot touch the switches and buttons on the operation panel with wet hands.
  • 12. When using the edge finder, it is better to enter the speed 400 to 500 rpm, and then install the points! To prevent the speed from being too fast, remove the edge finder.
  • 13. When the machine is turned off, stop the center position in the XYZ axis, press the emergency stop, and then cut the power supply.
  • 14. Work in shifts every day.

Perform routine maintenance.

  • Check the “CNC Machining Non-standard Aluminum Tube Customization” before working. Before starting the machine, check whether the regulated power supply is in the “automatic voltage adjustment” state, and if the output voltage is normal.
  • Check each switch in the stated position before starting the hydraulic system and disposing of the hydraulic station.
  • After starting the hydraulic system several times a day, check the lubrication of the machine. And check the value of the oil pressure. The pressure of the compressed air from the air compressor is within the normal range.
  • when you start each day with a reference datum point, you must first select axis “Z” to prevent machine vibration.

The above is what I have brought to you about the safety matters of vertical machining centers. To use the rights and reasonable methods of vertical machining centers, and to ensure the normal operation of vertical machining centers, a relatively complete vertical machining operation should be established. center process.