What are the types of hardware surface processing

What are the common types of hardware surface processing? According to our years of production experience, it can be subdivided into: hardware spray painting, electroplating, surface polishing, and hardware corrosion. Several common processing methods.

Painting processing: Now hardware factories use painting processing when producing relatively large hardware products. Through painting processing, the hardware can be prevented from rusting, such as: daily necessities, electrical sheet metal enclosures, box-type handicrafts, etc.

Electroplating: Electroplating is also the most widely used processing technology for hardware processing. Electroplating the surface of hardware parts through modern technology ensures that the products will not undergo mildew and embroidery under long-term use. Common electroplating processing includes: screws, stamping parts, Batteries, car parts, trinkets, etc.

Surface polishing: Surface polishing is generally used in daily necessities for a long time. By performing surface burr treatment on hardware products, for example: we produce a comb, and the comb is made of stamped hardware, then stamped out The corners of the comb are very sharp, we need to polish the sharp parts of the corners into a smooth face, so that the human body will not be damaged during use. Like when we produce earphone hardware accessories, it is also processed with color surface polishing.