What is the difference with machining and turning?

What is cnc machining? What is the difference with lathe machining? Before understanding what CNC machining is, let’s briefly understand what CNC is! In fact, the name of CNC in Hong Kong is computer gong or CNC machine tool, and it was later introduced to the Pearl River Delta region. In Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, people call this type of processing “CNC machining center”, which is also a type of machining. This kind of work method is to write a processing program, program the original manual process with a computer, and then automatically process it.

Now the term CNC machining has described the same type of machining as lathe machining. For Machining vs Turning,in the industry, CNC machining refers to the use of drilling and tapping centers and machining centers for processing, and lathes are lathes such as turning and milling, turret machines, and cutter arranging machines. These two types of equipment are also different in terms of processing. For CNC machining centers, they can meet the needs of turning, milling and tapping, while CNC lathes can meet the turning process. For products with complex processes, two This kind of equipment is used for multi-process processing.

Take our PTJ CNC as an example, the processing equipment in our workshop is to meet the processing needs of different customers, so the equipment in our workshop is equipped with CNC drilling and tapping center, machining center, turret machine, cutter arranging machine, turning and milling Composite these devices. As a processing factory with more than ten years of processing experience, Dongguan Tongyang CNC will also have certain advantages in processing. Because we attach great importance to the quality of customers’ products, we have won a good reputation from each customer!