What should we pay attention to in the maintenance of vertical lathes?

Vertical lathes are large mechanical equipment used to process large and heavy workpieces with large radial dimensions, relatively small axial dimensions, and complex shapes. Such as cylindrical surfaces, end surfaces, conical surfaces, cylindrical holes, tapered holes, etc. of various discs, wheels and sleeve workpieces.

Additional devices can also be used for thread milling or tapping, spherical turning, profiling, milling and grinding. Compared with the horizontal lathe, the workpiece is clamped on the clamping surface of the horizontal lathe. The spindle axis of a vertical lathe is vertically arranged, and the worktable is in a horizontal plane, so it is more convenient to clamp and align the CNC Machining Double Threaded Pen Nib. This layout reduces the load on the spindle and bearings, so the vertical lathe can maintain working accuracy for a longer period of time. What should we pay attention to in the maintenance of vertical lathes:

  • 1. Maintain the machine tool clean inside and outside, the machine parts are complete, the screw rods and polished rods are free of oil and black, and the guide rail surfaces are clean and intact.
  • 2. Pay attention to check the working condition of the oil pump to ensure that there is enough lubricating oil in the bedside box and feed box. The lubricating oil in each box must not be lower than the center of each oil mark, otherwise the machine tool will be damaged due to poor lubrication.
  • 3. Carry out lubrication work at each lubrication point according to specified requirements (see the machine tool lubrication system label instructions for details).
  • 4. Regularly check and adjust the tightness of the V-belt of the vertical lathe.
  • 5. Each time the main motor of the vertical lathe is started, the spindle cannot be started immediately. It is necessary to wait until the lubrication pump is working normally and oil comes from the oil window before starting the spindle and letting the machine tool work.
  • 6. Clean the oil filter copper mesh at the oil inlet of the bedside box every week to ensure that the lubricating oil and gas machining is clean.
  • 7. When the spindle rotates at high speed, the speed change handle must not be pulled under any circumstances.
  • 8. The screw can only be used when turning threads to ensure its accuracy and life.
  • 9. When using the center frame or tool rest, the contact surface between the support block of the center frame or the tool rest and the workpiece must be lubricated.
  • 10. If the spindle needs to be stopped while it is running, the handle should be placed in the parking position and the braking mechanism should be used to stop the spindle.
  • 11. The rest shall be based on the “Daily Inspection List” and “Equipment Maintenance Card”.