What to do when there is oil leakage during CNC vertical lathe machining

The oil leakage of the CNC vertical lathe is obviously a quality issue. Today, let’s talk about how to check the location and cause of the oil leakage, and how to solve it once the cause is found. The location of oil leakage in CNC lathes is easy to see, mainly depending on whether it is caused by accessories or oil cylinder leakage. If it is caused by accessories, it is easy to replace a component for maintenance. If it is caused by CNC Machining For Oil And Gas Industry, it is very troublesome. Simply put, single column CNC vertical lathes are almost considered scrapped.

Why is the accessory not related, but rather scrapped when the oil cylinder is used? The oil cylinder is the main structure of CNC lathes, and if one of the main structures is damaged, it means it is not considered scrapped? When replacing accessories, pay attention to the electrical connection and do not connect the wrong circuit. It is easy to replace an accessory, and knowledge of CNC lathe technology is sufficient. We will not explain this in detail. So, what should we do if there is an oil leakage problem with the oil cylinder? First, contact the manufacturer because CNC lathe oil leakage is a scrapped problem, so it is a serious problem.

If the vertical lathe manufacturer is not within the warranty period, So we can only replace the CNC lathe because even the oil cylinder can be damaged. After the CNC lathe is repaired, there are still problems in other areas. Therefore, purchasing a device cannot be repaired every day. Therefore, we can directly replace and purchase a new one. The main point is that as long as the oil cylinder does not leak, it is easy to solve the problem. Once the oil cylinder leaks, we can directly replace it with a new CNC lathe, so there is no need to go for maintenance, Do you still believe a company without conscience that CNC Machining Bicycle Parts that leaks oil after using a cylinder for a period of time?

So after repairing the oil cylinder, there will also be problems in other areas, because the oil cylinder cannot be repaired. It is simply impossible for the market to repair the oil cylinder, so buy new equipment directly.