What Tools To Use For Cutting Acrylic?

Hook knife

The hook knife is a tool for cutting acrylic sheets by hand. The cutting steps need to be planned in advance to avoid cutting errors. After cutting the acrylic sheet in half, you can use a hook knife to break the acrylic sheet and then polish the edges to smooth them.

Laser cutting

Pmma Laser cutting is a process that uses a laser beam to cut acrylic sheets and can accurately cut complex-shaped materials.


Acrylic sheets are generally cut with a hook knife, but it is best to use a serrated stainless steel saw blade, because high speed will melt the acrylic. If you want to make a hole in the middle of the board, it’s best to use a machine.

Splint knife

Plywood knife for manual cutting of acrylic sheets. The plywood knife can cut acrylic sheets accurately without damaging the acrylic sheets. In the process of manual cutting, using a plywood knife can ensure the cutting effect.

Woodworking machinery cutting

Woodworking machinery can only cut regular shapes, but cannot cut curved ones.

Electric motorcycle

An electric motor is a commonly used tool that can be used to cut acrylic sheets. It can be operated with stainless steel bars and can also be equipped with serrated bars. However, it must be operated at low speed during construction, otherwise the acrylic board will melt.

Cutting board

Using a cutting board ensures a smooth cutting process while also providing extra support to prevent the chocolate slab from slipping.

Double edge large chip removal spiral milling cutter

The double-edge large chip removal spiral milling cutter has a very good chip removal function. It can smoothly remove debris on high-density boards during processing, ensuring processing accuracy and surface quality.


Using a hammer is one of the essential tools in the acrylic cutting process. A hammer can be used to gently tap the edges of the chocolate slab to crack it. But you need to be careful when using a hammer, as excessive force may cause the chocolate slab to break.

Electric stove wire

Acrylic cutting is easy with electric stove wire. Cut the length to be cut into equal parts, use the equal parts of the electric furnace wire to weld, and finally cut. The electric furnace wire uses low-voltage DC power supply, and the cutting is completed under the action of heat.

Water jet

Water jets use water flow to cut, which can ensure the cutting accuracy and quality of acrylic sheets. At the same time, the waterjet is easy to operate, saves time and effort, and is suitable for large-volume cutting. However, waterjet also takes a long time, consumes a lot of energy, and has a long cutting cycle.

Low voltage heating wire

Low-voltage electric heating wire can be cut by electric heating, and its cuts are smooth and chip-free.

Manual planer

A hand plane can be used to cut acrylic rods, which provides a flatter, CNC plexiglass And more beautiful cut. Manual planers require a wider flat blade, and mastering the cutting angle and force also requires a longer time to complete the cut.

Plastic scoring blade

Plastic scoring blades are suitable for straight cuts in acrylic. Use a plastic scoring blade to leave scores that follow the path of the ruler. Use a plastic scoring blade to easily split an acrylic sheet into two parts.

Thermal cutting machine

Acrylic sheets can be cut easily using a thermal cutting machine, because the thermal cutting machine uses hot air as energy and can produce high-temperature flames to separate the acrylic sheets. This tool is simple, efficient and can meet the needs of acrylic sheet processing.

Paper knife

Acrylic cutting can be easily done with a paper cutter. It’s a plastic tool, so you don’t need to use other tools, just make a mark with a paper cutter. The paper knife has a thin blade and can easily cut acrylic.