Which parts are suitable for small vertical machining centers

A small vertical machining center refers to a machining center with the spindle in a vertical state. Most of its structural forms are fixed columns. The workbench is rectangular and has no indexing rotation function. Suitable for machining peek material and processing discs, sleeves, and plate parts. It generally has three linear motion coordinate axes, and a turntable that rotates along the horizontal axis can be installed on the workbench for processing spiral parts.

The vertical machining center is easy to install, operate, observe the processing situation, and debug the program, and is widely used. However, due to the limitations of the height of the column and the tool changer, it is impossible to process parts that are too high. When machining a cavity or concave surface, the chips are not easily discharged. In serious cases, the cutting tool and the machining surface will be damaged, affecting the smooth progress of the machining.

Small vertical machining centers have good performance and high degree of automation, and can process special parts that are difficult or impossible to process with ordinary machine tools. Let’s introduce what spun metal parts can be processed by a small vertical machining center?

  • 1. High processing accuracy, complex shapes and structures, especially parts with complex curves, curves and contours, or box-shaped or shell-shaped parts with unopened cavities.
  • 2. Parts that must complete multiple processes such as milling, drilling, reaming, planing or tapping in one clamping.
  • 3. Parts that are expensive and difficult to obtain are not allowed to be scrapped.
  • 4. Process parts with low productivity, high labor intensity and difficult to control quality on ordinary machine tools.
  • 5. Parts or parts of multiple varieties, multiple specifications, single pieces, and small batch production, used for modification comparison and performance or functional testing.

These are parts suitable for processing by small vertical machining centers and are difficult to process on ordinary machine tools. Using a small vertical machining center can improve processing efficiency and accuracy and reduce the damage rate of parts.