Why do products processed by the same machining center have different precisions?

Products with high precision are often popular in the processing market, and the precision of Aluminum 7075 Automobile Base Parts is also one of the standards for measuring equipment manufacturing. Why do machining centers with the same configuration produce workpieces with different precision levels? This phenomenon occurs not because the quality of the equipment sold to others is better than yours, but because the product quality is not ultimately guaranteed after processing. To ensure the accuracy of the machining center, several aspects must be taken into consideration:

1. Correct selection and installation of cutting tools

Whether it is an ordinary machine tool or a machining center with a high degree of CNC, the cutting tool is a key component that directly acts on the workpiece. When processing workpieces of different materials, appropriate tools or tools should be selected and correct clamping steps should be ensured.

2. Set up processing routes reasonably

Processing routes and processing sequences are important foundations for optimizing processing programming. They are generally considered in terms of feed methods and Custom 300W LED Street Light Housing. When performing CNC milling of the workpiece, the appropriate feed method must be selected based on the technological requirements of the workpiece to ensure the cutting accuracy and processing efficiency of the workpiece. When milling the outer contour of a flat workpiece, the cut-in and cut-out routes of the tool should be arranged. Try to cut in and out along the extension line of the contour curve to avoid knife marks at the intersection. At the same time, during milling processing, one should choose between down milling or up-cut milling according to the conditions of the workpiece. Chenghai CNC generally recommends down-cut milling.

3. Reasonable selection of cutting amount

The cutting amount of the machining center is an important part of the CNC machining process. The size of the cutting amount is an important parameter for the movement and feed motion of the machining center. It has a profound impact on the machining accuracy of the Small Speaker Aluminum Middle Frame, the efficiency of the workpiece and even the wear of the tool. The cutting amount The basic principle of setting is: when the stiffness of the workpiece allows, use a larger cutting depth, back engagement amount and feed amount for rough machining. For fine machining, a smaller cutting depth is generally selected to obtain higher surface quality.

It can be said that accuracy is our first pursuit when using a machining center to process workpieces. Ensuring product accuracy helps us extend the service life of the machining center.