Why is a five axis machining center with RTCP function the true five axis machining center

With the widespread rise of the automotive industry, there are more and more stainless steel five axis CNC machine tools. But in the current market, there are few real five axis (with RTCP function) machine tools, and many fake five axis (only with indexing function) machine tools. What is the true five axis, what is the false five axis, and what is the difference between them? Below is an explanation of the five axis machining center and the three axis machining center.

The true five axis has RTCP function, which can automatically convert based on the swing length of the spindle and the mechanical coordinates of the rotary table. When programming, only the coordinates of the workpiece need to be considered, without considering the length of the spindle or the position of the rotating table. Whether it is a true five axis or not depends on whether the five axes are interconnected. False five axes can also be interconnected, and if the spindle has RTCP algorithm for true five axes. It is to do indexing machining, and the true five axis with RTCP function only needs to set a coordinate system, and only needs to set the coordinates for the tool once. The fake five axis is a lot of trouble.

A CNC system with RTCP function can be programmed directly using the tool tip without considering the distance between the rotation axis centers. After applying the RTCP mode, programming 5-axis machining can directly target the tool tip instead of the center of the rotating spindle head, making programming much simpler and more efficient.

For double turntable pseudo five axis, multiple coordinates need to be set to achieve the purpose of indexing 5 Axis cnc machining Aluminum. But if it is a swing head type five axis, indexing processing cannot be completed either, because when the swing head five axis is processed downwards, it is not a separate Z-direction movement, but rather a combination of Z-direction and X-direction or Y-direction movement. At this time, the pseudo five axis programming will be very troublesome, debugging will be even more difficult, and the G51 offset function of the three axis cannot be used at this time.