Why machining tools are prone to premature wear

Tool life and machining efficiency of large gears can also be improved by optimizing the geometry of machining tools in Shenzhen. Optimizing tool geometry is a cheaper way to improve tool life and machining efficiency than by adding tool coatings or switching to a stronger tool matrix. Since current gear hobbing machines do not allow automatic tool change, the same high-quality hob is usually used to complete rough and fine cuts in the finish hobbing process, and the tool is prone to premature wear. In order to prolong tool life, the rough cutting zone and the fine cutting zone can be separated in the tool design, and the wear performance of each zone can be optimized separately.

An evenly distributed machining allowance for each aluminum machining tool guarantees constant and high productivity and a safe cutting process. When ap/ae (axial depth of cut/radial depth of cut) is constant, cutting speed and feed rate can also be kept at a constant high level. In this way, there is less variation in mechanical action and working load on the cutting edge, resulting in less heat and fatigue, resulting in improved tool life. If the subsequent operations are some semi-finishing operations, especially all finishing operations, unmanned or partially unmanned processing can be carried out.

The manufacturer of aluminum profile processing equipment should organize the drafting of safety operation procedures according to the technical requirements, performance, structural characteristics, operation and use specifications, adjustment measures, etc. specified in the equipment manual, and at the same time put forward the specifications of operation and use requirements to the operators, and organize learning, So that they can master and be familiar with the specific requirements and relevant regulations for operating and using equipment. With the rapid development of the aluminum profile industry, domestic excellent aluminum profile manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the research on the industry market, especially for the development environment of enterprises and customers. In-depth research on changes in demand trends. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent aluminum profile brands have risen rapidly and gradually become leaders in the aluminum profile industry.

From the perspective of the international environment, the economic and social development pattern around the world is constantly changing, which not only breeds huge opportunities, but also is accompanied by severe challenges, which has brought a profound impact on the transformation and upgrading of my country’s mechanical processing machine tool industry. From the perspective of the domestic environment, the basic conditions, internal driving force and long-term positive trend of the development of my country’s machine tool industry have not fundamentally changed, but the traditional development model faces many challenges, and it is imperative to optimize the structure of the machine tool industry and transform and upgrade.